Advanced Sytems with Intelligence Mobility and Vision
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Robotics makes life easy...

Stepped out of factories, robots have started becoming a part of our life. They are no longer something to be feared as depicted in early fictional stories. Robots are now with or around us in the form of sophisticated gadgets and toys.

Contributing to this advancement, ASIMOV Robotics is committed to explore the boundaries of robotics which involves research and development of robot systems and intelligence with speech and vision capabilities.

At ASIMOV Robotics, our key focus is to design and develop systems to co-exist with humans and to provide solutions to real life problems. We are keen to use our technology for the care, protection and benefit of mankind.

We make Robotics easy...

As the growth in robotics is increasing in developing countries like India, we are committed to create social awareness about the potential impact of robotics on economies and livelihoods.

Robotics is multidisciplinary to combine concepts of engineering, computer programming, mathematics, physics, and science. Used in advanced studies in kinematics, dynamics, control theory, communications, and image processing, it gives a peep into real-world problem solving.

We believe in the advantages of association between institutions and industries which brings out immense mutual benefit by sharing the knowledge and expertise. Exposure to industry will strengthen the technological capabilities and management skill of students. This interface unveils new dimensions in cultivating human resources which intern helps the progress of the nation and also helps the students be in touch with the cutting edge technology in respective domains.

Our workshops and seminars showcase the latest trends in robotics. Students are encouraged to become part of our development activities in lieu with their academic project.

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